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Virtual Learning Check In

Are you one of the many parents/grandparents who are navigating the virtual learning world? How's it going? One of my best friends, Sherri, told me she has gone from computer illiterate to feeling like a whiz at tech. She has mastered the world of Google Classroom, Google Meet, and SeeSaw, just to name a few programs. Sherri went from creating fun summer activities for her two granddaughters: Zoey - second grade and Kora - TK to guiding them alongside their virtual teacher. She can now upload videos like the one of Kora carving a pumpkin, send it to her teacher all while monitoring Zoey taking a spelling test. It is encouraging to know everyone is learning new skills. We are embracing the new normal. What skills have you gained during the pandemic?

When schools finally open, how will you feel and what will you do? Will you send your child back to school in a flash? Will you stay virtual? I am sure you have all answered plenty of surveys regarding this topic.

In my opinion, we are all a part of a very interesting social experiment. I would like to encourage everyone to journal some of their feelings and experiences. Write down this part of history according to your perspective.

Here's a wonderful journal your child can use to spend time reflecting and practicing gratitude or just to jot down their experiences. It has lots of fun prompts for them to use.

Here is a link:

As Brick & Stick would say, continue Branching Out and learning new things.

Please leave your comments below and let me know how your adventure is going so far.



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