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Branching Out: Risks vs Rewards

For those who have known me a long time, going out to eat was the main way I kept my family fed. Cooking always seemed like too much work after a long day of teaching. I didn't have time to shop, prep, cut, cook and then clean it all up. People said, "when you get married you'll cook." But I didn't. Then I was told, "when you have kids you will cook". Nope. But now that I am retired and in the middle of a pandemic, I cook! The reward: it is exciting and fun to try new recipes. Every time I need to bring a dish to an event, I try a new recipe. Is that a common thing to do? I don't know but it does give me a reason to try new things. Recently, Chris decided to sharpen our knives, which came with a price. The risk: Three fingers were sliced during the preparation of our Thanksgiving meal. I don't feel so bad. I see many accomplished bakers on the Great British Baking show cooking away while sporting those blue bandages. I guess it is the cost of branching out.

Cooking isn't the only way I have branched out during COVID19. Edward Scissorhands has nothing on me. Some how I was elected to become the family barber to my husband, Chris and our two grown sons, Marc and Chad. Thank goodness for YouTube. Of course, each client has his own needs and gripes about my techniques but they still keep coming back. The reward: spending time with each family member. I act as if I were a real hair stylist asking them about their lives. I told my husband that I needed better sheers and thinning sheers. Thanks, Amazon. Of course, he warned me they are very sharp but I was thrilled with the sound they made. Can you guess the risk? Two more fingers were slashed during Chad's haircut this morning. He fixed me up and I continued on my quest to make his look his best. Mission accomplished. He is now my personal medic even though he has no formal training. All of the Little family is branching out.

Let me know how you are branching out. What are the risks and rewards?


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