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Is It Okay to Get Excited?

Okay, here's a subject my husband, Chris and I disagree on. When it is okay to get excited? Our son, Chad, has applied to a job in San Diego. If he gets it, he will be on his own for the first time in his life. He will be two hours away from home. He doesn't know if he will get the job but he is so excited at the possibility of starting his adult life. He is looking into everything like taking up new hobbies such as paddle boarding and surfing. He is researching where

he will shop, doctors, dentists and parking spots. As a mom, it is thrilling to see the anticipation bubbling up in him.

I say go for it! Get Excited! Imagine the possibilities!

My husband says he shouldn't get so excited because he might not get the job. He thinks he will be extra disappointed if it doesn't happen. I say enjoy experiencing the joy and anticipation now. Deal with the outcome when it is here.

When you branch out you don't know how it will turn out. But no risk = no reward. No matter what, you will learn from your adventure.

Which side are you on? Keep your emotions in check or dance around like there's no tomorrow?

But while you are deciding check out our book, Yes & . . .I am a Princess.

Something else that gets me excited is our new bundle: Branching Out & Say Thanks More Journal for kids. Limited offer: $20.



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