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Parents Becoming the New Teacher

Parents, let's face it, you have always been your child's teacher. Who taught them how to walk, talk, use a cup, not to mention the toilet? (All teachers want to thank you for doing this.) None of these lessons were EASY, yet somehow with some advice, Google, trial and error, and patience you did it! Finding what works for your child takes time and effort. You've got this.

Hmm. . .do we have a new name for a parent who has suddenly become a teacher?

Let me throw some ideas into the ring:

+Preacher one who teaches and preaches to his/her new congregation. Remember to pass the plate to get your offerings. When it doubt, pray.

+Pinstructor a parent who looks to Pinterest for guidance. Might as well look up a recipe while you are at it.

+Peducator A parent who paces while teaching. Why not get your steps in while you are teaching?

Remember if you can get through potty training . . .

you can get through anything.

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