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Changing Roles

Congratulations parents, you have been promoted to professional educator. One day you were handling the challenges of parenting and assisting your child with homework but now you are their primary instructor. Even for the most patient parent, this has to be a big jump. Not to mention your child or children are used to interacting with other kids. They were learning how to navigate the world on the playground as well as in the classroom. Wait! Let's not forget the people who signed up for the job as classroom teacher. They desperately want to do what they do best - teach your child in person, teach them in real situations on how to do life.

So no matter what your thoughts are in this current situation, all of our roles have changed. Remember, nobody asked for their new role. So as we all figure things out, give each human being a break. One thing I know about parents, teachers, and students we will get together and make it work.

In a way, we are all branching out. . .Just like our friends, Brick & Stick.

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