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What's Your Hobby?

Do you have a hobby? No matter your age, everyone should have a hobby.

Marc's first hobby as a six year old was collecting sticks. My favorite stick was one he found floating down the Martha Brae River in Jamaica. But he found the majority of his sticks while roaming around our neighborhood. In first grade, his hobby became his first science fair entry: Stick Collection. Now, he illustrates our most beloved character, "Stick." I love this!

Everyone should have a hobby, no matter your age. It doesn't have to be expensive or take all of your time. It should just bring you joy.

Thanks to COVID, growing vegetables has become my hobby. It brings me so much pleasure to watch my broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, peppers and now salad vegetables grow. Yesterday, a friend of mine asked if I could share gardening tips. This made my heart sing.

Now I would like to share a simple video I stumbled upon. Watch this and you will find out that anyone, anywhere can get started. All you need is a pot, a packet of seeds, soil and water and soon you will be eating fresh salad greens from your own home.

Happy Hobbying!

Julie and Marc


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