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"Summ" - time for Learning

Stick being a tour guide.

School is out! Hooray! No rushing around trying to get lunches made, homework done, lugging backpacks, and finding lost shoes. Summertime is fun and carefree! But does this mean your child isn't learning anything in the summer?

It is just the opposite. Summer time is a season for discovery. Time to experience the world around you. Step outside. What do you see? For nine months of the year you are just trying to make it from point A to point B. Slow down. What do you see?

Some of my brightest students are those who come from families that get out of the house and experience life. It could be a big adventure but it certainly doesn't have to be. You can travel the world or just stay in your own city. Go to parks. Take a hike. Go on a picnic. Discover a creek.

If you stay in your own area, find out about the history of your town. Go to city hall. Don't know how to start? Google your city and see what pops up. Where would a tourist go in your hometown?

I have a cousin named Scott. Every time we visit him, he loads us up in the car and he becomes our personal tour guide. (To the point we had an official shirt and hat made for him.) He points out houses of interest and who lives there. He keeps up on the local news and shows us where certain events have taken place. It is a fun and personal way to connect with a place.

You and your family could do the same thing. Walk or drive around your city. What would you tell a visitor?

Scott and his family are coming to visit us. I better take my own advice and create my own tour.

Just like Brick & Stick, enjoy your adventure.

Julie & Marc

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