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Mystery Solved: What Makes a Good Reader?

Don't you love when you have a complicated life question and it has a simple solution? I know I do. Well, today is your lucky day.

Question: What makes a good reader?

Answer: A good reader is read to often and reads all of the time.

Mystery Solved.

Okay, but how do I make this happen? Lead by example! Read! In this digital age, you can read magazines, eBooks, recipes, articles, etc. on your device. This is great but books, magazines, and newspapers are also still available. If your child sees that reading is important to you then he/she is more likely to value it as well. Research shows that seeing fathers read makes a bigger impact on the child. (But moms keep reading too.)

Most parents know that reading to their child as soon as possible (even before they are born) is essential. Children are able to comprehend more difficult reading when it is read aloud to them. Listening comprehension comes before reading comprehension. By reading aloud the child is also able to ask questions about the story and vocabulary. But as a teacher I find that most parents stop reading aloud to their child once their child can read. Reading aloud to your child at every stage is important. Novels are sometimes written from different perspectives and this is challenging for even a great reader to understand. Also, there are life experiences, dialects and historical references that you and your child can discuss.

Some of the most meaningful times I had with Marc and Chad were reading aloud great novels such as Charlotte's Web, Indian in the Cupboard and Harry Potter. We laughed and cried together. Readers love to share good literature. It is no wonder people join book clubs to discuss their feelings and discoveries about the stories they have read.

So what have your learned today?

  1. Children need to see their parents reading.

  2. Read aloud to your child at all stages.

  3. Good readers: READ, READ & READ

Many years ago I had the opportunity to attend a talk given by Jim Trelease. It was life changing as a parent and an educator. He has since retired but his message is clear. Please take some time to watch his video. The first 20 minutes are his message and the remainder is the audience asking questions.

I highly recommend his book that is available on Amazon. com


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