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Make Summer a Time to Rhyme

Whether you are lounging around the house, cooling off in the pool, or hiking around this amazing world, take time to make up some rhymes.

Think about it . . . rhymes are everywhere. Is it any wonder we start our babies off by reading and reciting nursery rhymes from good old Mother Goose? Language is full of rhyme and rhythm. I don't know about you but they always put a smile on my face.

When Marc was young he loved riding his rocking horse Tex. Marc and Tex got quite a workout. As he rocked back and forth we would make up rhymes. Our go to song was to The Ants Go Marching. I was amazed that we could change up the song so many times. Try it with one of your favorite rhymes or better yet make up your own.

This summer I hope you have a time that you make up a rhyme.

It is sure to make you smile and a laugh for awhile.

Share, if you dare.

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