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School is Out: Real Life Lessons Begin

The kids are out of school. Yeah! Of course, everyone's routine is broken. You have nothing but time but what shall we do with all of it? Life experiences are where we take charge of our learning. School is structured learning. In the classroom I am on a timeline to get skills taught. But when you are home with your child, you can delve into areas so much deeper.

Spending time together with your child is invaluable and free. Play a game together, any type of game: board game, outdoor game, hide and go seek, or just make up your own together. Go on an adventure. Just by taking a simple walk around the neighborhood you will find out new things about your child. Listen! Sometimes during the school year we are too busy telling them what to do that we don't get a chance to slow down and listen to our children.

If you're looking for some more specific fun things to do as a family, check out this great book of Improv games that everyone will have a blast playing.

If you buy through this link we will get a little commission at no extra cost to you. So, thanks.


In the summer, or whenever we had downtime, Marc and I would gravitate toward the hallway just outside of his bedroom. We would sit or lay side by side drawing pictures and chatting about random things. Next thing I knew, he was showing me his pictures and creating a story. I would write down the words and we had a story. We would staple the pages together and read it over and over. Neither one of us would have ever imaged that we would be co-authoring and he would be illustrating children's books.

So my point is no matter what you do with your free time, enjoy it. You will never know what it will lead to years down the line.

Time is a gift.


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