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Thanks Again, Oleander!

Had a great time reading to the fantastic K, 1st and 4th graders yesterday at Oleander Elementary.

The students at this school are so well behaved and professional its kind of amazing.

Welcome Banner

Thanks to 4th grade for the warm welcome and showing me how they use Robert's Rules in their class to keep things running smoothly. I appreciate the motion to allow me to speak and of course the 2nd.

Its cool to see teachers opening students up to things outside the normal curriculum.

We also had the opportunity to do some drawing which is always a great time.

Kiara's Pick

Also a huge shout out to Kiara for gifting me with her drawing. And of course to the young man in kindergarten who wanted to give me his dollar just for reading to them. Don't worry, I spent it wisely. (Ok, I didn't actually accept the $1, though he was quite insistent.)


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